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Your Complete Roku Guide

What's Roku

Roku is an easy and convenient streaming service that allows you to login to your own existing streaming accounts (ie: Netflix, Hulu, even your own cable provider for live tv).

Everyone has different applications and platforms they use at home. Providing each Compass resident with a Roku allows everyone to have their own at-home experience right in their Compass apartment. 


How To Access Live Television With Your Own Cable Provider Through Roku


There are a few different ways to enjoy Live TV on your Roku device.


  • Go to "Streaming Channels". Type in your cable provider to see if they have their own Roku App. Download the app, login to your cable account, and enjoy! 


  • Go to "Featured Free" and enjoy a vast array of free TV and movies provided by Roku


  • Go to "Streaming Channels". Type a specific network into the search box (ie: Discovery, AMC, etc...). Many networks have their own Roku app with free watching options. 


How To Add Channels To Your Roku Device

This video will walk you through how to add channels to the Roku device inside your apartment.

Don't worry, it's super simple!


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