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Providing students a place of comfort, safety, and solace when they need it most.

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We're Flexible
Having a comfortable place to stay while focusing on school is important. We've updated our policy to provide as much flexibility for students whose schools are implementing new housing limitations.
We're Reliable
COVID-19 has changed the way students handle housing. Think outside of the box and stay with a trusted housing provider. We're here to ensure you have housing that sets you up for success.
We're Furnished
We have furniture packages for every budget. Our kitchens come with all the pots, pans, and utensils you need. You'll have a designated work station with a spacious living room to give you a comfortable, safe space.
We're Authentic
It's important to know the people behind the business. Our team is currently working remote, in our best comfy clothes, and available to you at all times. We're here to see you succeed.

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Stay motivated and productive in your new home away from home. 


Starting At Rates



Single Occupancy (1 bedroom, Max 2 people) - Starting at $3300/month 
Double Occupancy (2 bedroom, Max 2 people)  - Starting at $2300/month per student 


South Shore and Metro West

Single Occupancy(1 bedroom, Max 2 people) - Starting at $2700/month 
Double Occupancy(2 bedroom, Max 2 people) - Starting at $2100/month per student 

Stamford/New Haven 

Single Occupancy (1 bedroom, Max 2 people)  - Starting at $2700/month 
Double Occupancy(2 bedroom, Max 2 people) - Starting at $2100/month per student 
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A Message To You,

Our team is passionate about providing great experiences, pulling resources, and stepping up during hard times. The culture we’ve nurtured over the years has truly created a sense of family that’s fueled by our shared COMPASSion - so much so that it’s become a pillar of our business model. This value guides us as we face the uncertainty and difficult challenge of responding to the coronavirus (COVID-19), as well as doing what we can to provide resources and safe spaces for those who need it.

Our COMPASSion fuels us and now, more than ever, we need to approach life with more compassion and empathy than ever before. We have a duty as humans to use our time, energy, and resources to help each other, our community, and make the difficult things simple. We want to make sure you go back to school with a safe, comfortable housing solution that inspires you to do your best and prioritize your education.


From, The Compass Crew

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