Managed Apartment Partnership

Two unique programs with a proven track record. Increase your revenue, gain a new subset of clients, cater to every renter, and set yourself apart from the building next door. 

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What's In It For You?


A New, Unique Offering

Today’s style of living demands maximum flexibility. Furnished, unfurnished, short-term or long-term, it makes sense that landlords provide a variety of lease choices to attract a diverse group of renters. Incorporating a short-term furnished apartment strategy into your portfolio will not only attract a more diverse audience, but also provide your existing residents a unique “Guest Suite” amenity for visiting friends and family.


Our Network Of Clients 

By marketing and educating our network about your property, you’ll be getting exposure to an entirely new subset of clients. When being a part of our managed partnerships, we market your property to all of our proprietary channels including our entire global mobility network, website, corporate clients, relocation management companies, and corporate travel agencies.



Expert-Level Experience 

Our expert-level team is 100% hands-on and will take all the pressure off your shoulders. You won't have to worry about managing any of this! Not only are we here to do the heavy lifting, but we're here to customize and create the perfect partnership for you and your property. 


A Selective & Competitive Advantage

Our Managed Apartment Partnerships exemplify togetherness - you become an extension of us and we become an extension of you. Because of this, we hold our partners to a very high standard and have a selective approval process. Long story short, this partnership isn't available to just anyone. Joining forces with Compass gives you a huge competitive advantage from your competitors, including the building right next door.


Managed Corporate Apartments

Program #1

Compass Furnished Apartments provides beautifully furnished and fully equipped accommodations to the global relocation community. This program will incorporate a dedicated block of apartments to be professional furnished and exclusively managed by us. We will handle all aspects of furnishings, leasing, cleaning, marketing and management.

We will lease these apartments to our global network of corporations, relocation management companies and mobility professions for short term stays. The property will reap the benefits of revenue share, global marketing, as an added amenity and a short to long term leasing strategy.


  • Revenue share in excess of traditional market rent
  • Guest Suites" become a unique amenity to current and future residents
  • Short-term guests come long-term residents
  • Enhanced marketing to our priority network of corporate and relocation global mobility professionals
  • Maximum flexibility to increase or decrease the # of apartments enrolled in the program
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Matching Furnished Apartments

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Program #2

Most properties receive requests for furnished apartments for varying length of stays and are not equipped to facilitate these needs. This program helps properties maximize the return from furnished apartment requests without having to manage the logistics of furnishings, short term leases, and utilities.

As an expert in the business of short-term accommodations, Compass will design a full service program to establish minimum stay requirements, furniture rental and utility packages, and lease coordination.


What’s the difference?

Unlike our Managed Corporate Apartments, this program is designed to capture the needs of individuals looking for a lower cost accommodation and/or minimum stays higher than our corporate apartment program.


  • Fill immediate vacancy by capturing short-term furnished apartment requests
  • Short-term guests become long-term residents
  • Differentiate your community with a flexible lease model

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